This Band Is Performing For The First Time In 7 Years – See Why

Let us introduce to you the Geisha Boys.  The Geisha Boys first played in the early 2000’s  but as singer Brian Emery states “ life happened, re-locations, and other commitments got in the way of the music. “  Originally based out of the San Francisco and Oakland area the band members are now located up and down the west coast and just now released a limited edition “The Geisha Boys EP”  that they recorded back in 2004.

So why did they decide to get the band back together after all this time? ” Well  Nathan Kondor [drums, vocals] decided to form a label and have “The Geisha Boys’ recordings be the first release. I found myself without a current musical project, my last band had disbanded and I had been playing some of the material with a local rhythm section. It made sense to couple the effort” Says Brian.

However, The Geisha Boys are not stopping with their new EP.  In fact they have added new guitarist (Matt Carlstrom) into the mix and say their new songs are a “bit more dynamic in depth and harmonic complexity because of it. The hardest part is the members living in different locations says Brian.  “It’s lot’s of travel, and then home studio work. The travel has been great, and when the band gets together, it’s cool to see how the songs develop in a live setting based on the musical thinking that happens at our various locales.” 

Metrogum was at one of these locales; Labries Lounge in Glendale California where the Geisha Boys performed songs off their new EP for the first time in seven years.  You can check out some of their set below. [reference via Radio Free Silverlake]    Songs performed  Rock Med, Woody’s revenge, Master Carpenter and Nebraska






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