The Little Record Store That Could

Photo: Vinyl District Magazine

Metrogum Host Charlie Dunlop talks  with Neil Schield owner of the famous and probably coolest under the radar record store in Los Angeles, Origami vinyl.    They discuss  how  the store got started, why they sell only vinyl and not digital music and  Neils method for organizing the bins.   This interview was shot back in 2009  just months after the store opened.  Little did we know back then that today, Origami Vinyl would become  one of the main voices and advocates for the Los Angeles music scene and audiophiles.  The store has hosted a wide range of musical talent from  Florence And The Machine and YUCK  to  indie rockers Avi Buffalo.  If you  are not local but would like to see Origami’s in store performances  you can also watch them at

*Side note:  Origami Vinyl was also  the location for the first episode of  the Metrogum Music Scene.



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