Russ Chimes – Midnight Club EP Video Series

It is not an understatement to say that Russ Chimes is the Grandfather of the Dreamwave movement and it shows why here. The music videos for Never Look Back, Tertre Rouge and Targa  off the Midnight Club Ep play out more like a suspense / action film from the eighties and really sets the contrast bar high against many of  today’s current sugar candy coated, music videos.. a la Katy Perry, Bieber

The director Saman Keshavarz’s who also Directed the video “Luv Delux” By Cinnamon Chasers. really shows off his skills in his use of parrallel action, editing and time compression to reveal what feels like a feature length storyline in a span of a few short minutes.  We have no doubt that Midnight Club is already on it’s way to becoming an instant classic.

Above  have featured  the last in the series, the video “Targa”.  We actually recommend watching this first and then going back to watch the other two great videos. It allows for ah ha..moments and like a puzzle fills in the missing pieces.  But hey thats just us.

LOCATION: United Kingdom

VIDEO: Russ Chimes “Midnight Club” series – Targa

DIRECTOR:saman keshavarz

Watch Part 1:​14140965 /​watch?v=6rTqQnYixTY
Watch Part 2:​14141012 /​watch?v=hPhivsFOHo4



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