Metrogum’s End Of Summer Episode

Welcome to the end of summer episode of Where the world of Indie Music and web culture collide. In this Episode we’re hitching a ride with your favorite indie artists to see how they survive those summer road tours in style. Then to England where abandoned bandstands are giving street musicians a fresh space for impromptu performances. Plus fan footage from this summers music concerts and last but not least we hit up Surf City in Huntington Beach California, where the Hindu Pirates are taking over the new sound of Surf Rock.



Extreme slip n slide / What it’s really like to work in a music store / Digital Tour Bus Website / Justice Force 5 music video / Bandstand Busking / Metrogum Musical Friend  The 3 heads Music Video / Tight Speedo Guy / Hindu Pirates Perform Choo Choo / Hindu Pirates Facebook Page / Amp Live Feat – Gary Is A Robot (Music Video)


Beach Fossils – Vacation (Los Angeles) / Gossip – Heavy Cross (Switzerland) / Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – This Love Is Right (Spain) / Joel Plaskett – Rollin Rollin Rollin ( UK) / Mike & The Moonpies – Goldheart (Austin, TX) / Bad Rabbits – Girl I’m Like Damn ( Anaheim, CA) / Betty & The Werewolves (UK) / The Specktators – My Little Secret (Lansing, Michigan)  / Shrag  (Derbyshire UK)

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Japanese Episode  Translation for our friends

こ のエピソードでは、我々はあなたの好みのインディーズのアーティストとどのように、(ビート)次に、スタイルでそれらの夏の道路のツアーを生き残る見て、英国捨てband




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