“Life As A Shorty” Fashawn Feat J. Mitchell

The blog “Hip Hop Is Read” interviews Hip Hop video director Punit Dhesi where he talks about directing  Fashawn Feat. J. mitchell’s video “Life As A Shorty”.  Well we watched it and really liked it! So we wanted to share it with the Metrogum viewers.  Below the video is an excerpt from the interview about where director Punit Dhesi got the idea for the video. If you like it then you will definetly want to check out Hip Hop Is Read and see for yourself what they have over there.


[via Hip Hop Is Read]

Where did the idea for the “Life As A Shorty” video come from?

Director Punit Dhesi: The song itself set the tone. It was basically written for you. It felt like bright colors, school playgrounds. I wanted to do it that way because I loved the way that [Fashawn] made that song really lighthearted but the content is real. The videos I’ve done that I really like, they’ll play me a record and I just know I want to do the video. I can already see it. For “F.A.S.H.A.W.N.”, they just played me the record and I said, “Let’s do a video”. Same thing for “Our Way”, when I heard it. And it was the same way for “Life As A Shorty”. The first thing I saw in my head was the ice cream and the balloon. The first scene sets the tone for the rest of the video. It’s supposed to be a constant theme throughout it, with the bully. As soon as little Fashawn gets something in his life that he cares about, it gets taken away from him. From the ice cream to the balloon. The toy that his real father gives him, that’s a metaphor for his father coming into his life. He’s playing with the toy and it suddenly gets snatched away from him. He’s sad about the toy but really he’s sad about his father coming in and out of his life. When he tries to go up to the little girl on the playground and give her a little key chain and a bully steps in and ruins that for him. The girl he’s hanging out with, and another guy steps in the picture. There’s a constant theme that every time he gets something, it gets taken away, until finally, at the end of the video, the young Fashawn meets the old Fashawn. He’s sitting on the curb and [the old Fashawn] gives him the notebook. After all this, take this notebook because what you write, nobody can take that away from you.

About This Artist:

FASHAWN aka The Phenom (real name Santiago Leyva, born October 27, 1988) is an underground hip hop rapper from Fresno, California. He is best known for his debut album, Boy Meets World, which was produced entirely by one half of Emanon, Exile. He has collobarated with other rappers such as Planet Asia, Diego Redd, Evidence,Chace Infinite, The Alchemist, Exile, Blu, Aloe Blacc, U-n-i, Krondon, Co$$, Mistah Fab,Statik Selektah & Legendary hip-hop Producers Mick Boogie & Terry Urban.



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