Keenhouse – Deep In The Forest

Exclusive video of  the artist Keenhouse Performing his song ” Deep In The Forest ”  at Binary Entertainments record release party for their compilation of Dreamwave music called LA Lights.  Ken Rangkuty other wise known to fans as  Keenhouse delivers a unique blend of electronic wizardry and dreamy synth-pop that creates something richer then your average bedroom dreampop. The demos that would become Keenhouse’s debut Civic Transit were a reaction to Rangkuty’s own desires to combine his own extensive training on piano with a desire to make communicative pop music of his own. Taking inspiration from his diverse upbringing in Indonesia and Germany, Keenhouse’s music drifts around nostalgic takes on a youth remembered only in dreams. Themes of teenaged innocence, young love, and futuristic fantasies paint a picture of equal parts neon dancefloor and childhood daydreams. A studio rat at heart, Keenhouse promises to continue to deliver a dizzying array of remixes while continuing to write songs.


you can view  a rare video of  Keenhouse performing with  artist  The Kids Are Radioactive on the saxophone.


Keenhouse With The Kids Are Radioactive



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