Breaking Band: Radars To The Sky

Radars To The Sky is one of those groups that you might find out about all too late. Don’t let that happen.

[Los Angeles: ] It really is not because of lack of talent. In fact their energetic stage shows and upbeat sounds will keep your head moving and your toes tapping leaving you wanting for more well after their set is done.

band radars to the skyHowever, due to an illness that corresponded with the release of their new album Supra / Infra – Radars to the Sky . The band has not really been able to promote it till now. But it also seems that the recent recovery is marking a new beginning and chapter for the band. Radars To The Sky were kind enough to give us an interview after their set at Labries in Glendale CA as part of March’s George Glass residency for Radio Free Silverlake.

 But Don’t take our word for it see what others are saying.

Their sound has been called ‘Prufrock,’ which sparkles with chiming post-punk guitars as Andrew Spitser confides with a Morrissey-like sense of regret, ‘The crashing waves drown outall I say.’ He duets with his keyboardist-wife Kate Post Spitser on ‘Long Walk Home,’ where his jangly guitar spirals blend enchantingly into her breathy delivery. ‘Big Bang’ evolves from a spacy, languidintro with its flickering scrapes of Television-style chords into an impressively stormy landscape of whirring keyboards and crashing guitars.” – ..LA Weekly..


Radars To The Sky -performing – The Apple Never Falls

..”Five intense volleys of indie rock with arcs back to a time indie rock was less self-conscious. The gnarly interplay between guitarists and the time signatures might bring Pavement or Sebadoh to mind…. Big and bold (and tender, when Kate Spitser’s vocals enter the mix), rock whose working-class trappings disguise an essayist’s soul.” – ..LA Times Buzz Bands..

.. “Radars to the Sky are easily among the best new live indie rock acts in LA…. They have tons of off-kilter charm and really deliver live…. Your new favorite live band.” – ..Radio Free Silverlake.. ..


Radars To The Sky – performing – Selfish Kids

“If all is right in the world, these guys should be the next big thing out of Silverlake.” -..Between Love and Like (DC)

Radars To The Sky – Performing – As The Nurses Scurry



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