Anthem Of Silence – Bitten [Raw Rehearsal]

Anthem Of Silence performing live their song “Bitten”. This was performed live and recorded raw in one take!  Anthem Of Silence  holds the notoriety of  being the  first band that Metrogum ever covered.  The Hollywood band is featured at the end of  Episode 1 of  the Metrogum Music Scene Series. If you have a moment you should check it out! 

You can also find out more about them at their website as well  as buy their music on Itunes.


Anthem of Silence formed in Hollywood, California but germinated long before in the home studio of songwriter Cameron Adkins. After connecting with Adam Fischer (bass), Dolce Wang (cello), and Serge Milenkovic (drums), AoS collaborated on writing, recording, and a multitude of charged live shows. Charmed and charming, this evolving group has appeal to a wide audience- from fans of Fleetwood Mac to fans of Nirvana. The band is currently finishing work on their new album, Telewision, due out in 2011, and their new EP “Twenty2 Red Roses and One White Rose” is available on all major online stores. AoS takes a grittier rock approach with the tracks “Phantoms” and “The Hundred Pages”, showcasing their singable melodies and growing sound.



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