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  • The Happy Hallows

    The Happy Hallows

    Watch why this indie L.A. band is one to watch! While checking out the Eagle Rock Music Festival a few years back we happened to walk by just in time to see the band ” The Happy Hallows” starting their set! At the time we did not know who the indie Los Angeles band was but, since then we have come to love their sound. We were also impressed at the time that even just playing in front of a tire warehouse store they were able to attract a large crowd.

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  • Anthem Of Silence – Bitten [Raw Rehearsal]

    Anthem Of Silence – Bitten [Raw Rehearsal]

    Anthem Of Silence performing live their song “Bitten”. This performance was recoreded live and in one take! Local music on a global level!

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  • Japan’s Hard Nips !

    Japan’s Hard Nips !

    This New York via Japan all girl rock group with a Purple Nurpie of a name are dropping a new album and performing some kick ass tunes! The foursome known by Emi, Mariko, Yoko, and The Gootch are lighting up audiences with their hybrid punk / 80’s rockers girl sound and the fans are loving it! They say their new album which is due out soon is ” more noisy, heavy and very bangin.

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