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  • The Ringers – Kamikaze Heart

    The Ringers – Kamikaze Heart

    The Band The Ringers have become one of Los Angeles’s top favorite artists and with hints of the New York Dolls , The Stooges and some serious sweat! We predict The Ringers are going to take the nation by storm! Seriously, check out this performance it just may be the best indie stage act in town that your missing!

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  • Pomegranates – Thigh High

    Pomegranates – Thigh High

    For this spotlight artist drum roll please…. we introduce the Pomegranates with their single Thigh High. The Pomegranates sound is described as shimmering and dreamy with influences that range from the Talking Heads and Brian Eno, to French Kicks and Fela Kuti. Metrogum was recently invited to see the Cincinnati denizens at the indie music hangout, Spaceland here in Los Angeles.

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  • Pomegranates “Everybody Come Outside”

    Pomegranates “Everybody Come Outside”

    Pulled from the Metrogum archives of the best of the best. Here are The Pomegranates performing “Everybody Come Outside” off the same titled album in the heart of Silverlake California at the now defunct Spaceland. Now known to Angelenos as “The Satellite” the premiere place to find breaking bands and great underground music.

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  • Shane Alexander – You Are The Light

    Shane Alexander – You Are The Light

    Shane Alexander performs his song “You Are The Light” off his Album “The Sky Below” at an intimate solo performance at Cafe Was in Hollywood California. This Indie artist is totally self funded and taking the music industry by storm with just his voice and his guitar winning over audiences wherever he goes. Shane says his music comes from being honest and from life experiences inspired from his tours across the U.S and Europe.

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  • Anthem Of Silence – Bitten [Raw Rehearsal]

    Anthem Of Silence – Bitten [Raw Rehearsal]

    Anthem Of Silence performing live their song “Bitten”. This performance was recoreded live and in one take! Local music on a global level!

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  • “Life As A Shorty” Fashawn Feat J. Mitchell

    “Life As A Shorty” Fashawn Feat J. Mitchell

    The blog “Hip Hop Is Read” interviews Hip Hop video director Punit Dhesi where he talks about directing Fashawn Feat. J. mitchell’s video “Life As A Shorty”.

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  • Metrogum Episode – Indie Music It’s Alive

    Metrogum Episode – Indie Music It’s Alive

    After much toiling deep in the depths of the lab. Our musically mad scientists have created a new web series experiment called The Metrogum Music Scene.  With corporate radio  killing off  the awesome indie rock stations that we love  little by little  (you know which ones) the music landscape is becoming a barren desert of top 40 music on a loop.  We hope to be a bit of an oasis where indie  and great music can be heard and seen. […]

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  • Francis And The Lights – Darling It’s Alright

    Francis And The Lights – Darling It’s Alright

    Music Video:  Franics And The Lights  – Darling It’s Alright Directed By: Jake Schreier Get The Album It’ll Be Better : Who is Francis and the Lights you ask?  After two widely circulated EPs, a buzzed about music video that leaped to mtv2 without a record label, and a history of legendary New York shows, Francis and Lights now unveil their awaited 8-song debut, “It’ll Be Better,” and embark on a North American tour. But we like to think of […]

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  • Japan’s Hard Nips !

    Japan’s Hard Nips !

    This New York via Japan all girl rock group with a Purple Nurpie of a name are dropping a new album and performing some kick ass tunes! The foursome known by Emi, Mariko, Yoko, and The Gootch are lighting up audiences with their hybrid punk / 80’s rockers girl sound and the fans are loving it! They say their new album which is due out soon is ” more noisy, heavy and very bangin.

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  • Russ Chimes – Midnight Club EP Video Series

    Russ Chimes – Midnight Club EP Video Series

    It is not an understatement to say that Russ Chimes is the Grandfather of the Dreamwave movement and it shows why here. The music videos for Never Look Back, Tertre Rouge and Targa  off the Midnight Club Ep play out more like a suspense / action film from the eighties and really sets the contrast bar high against many of  today’s current sugar candy coated, music videos.. a la Katy Perry, Bieber

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  • Fitz And The Tantrums Before They Were Famous!

    Fitz And The Tantrums Before They Were Famous!

    Watch this vintage video of this breakout band before they went big!

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  • Breaking Band: Radars To The Sky

    Breaking Band: Radars To The Sky

    Radars To The Sky is one of those groups that you might find out about all too late. Don’t let that happen. [Los Angeles: ] It really is not because of lack of talent. In fact their energetic stage shows and upbeat sounds will keep your head moving and your toes tapping leaving you wanting for more well after their set is done. However, due to an illness that corresponded with the release of their new album Supra / Infra […]

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